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Introduction The content of the webinartists website is subject to specific terms of use that are binding on anyone who uses and accesses it, in any version and appearance. Webinartists may modify these Terms of Use at any time without notice by posting any such modification through its website. By navigating and using the webinartists website, visitors / users acknowledge that they have read, understood and unreservedly accepted the Terms of Use. The use of the webinartists website after the announcement of the modification will be considered as acceptance of this modification by the visitor / user. The use of the website must be done in accordance with the law and these Terms of Use. Intellectual Property Rights All content on this site (including images, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, services and in general all files on this site) and its structure are the intellectual property of webinartists and are protected by the relevant copyright protection provisions. and industrial property in accordance with Greek law, Union law and international treaties and conventions, as in force. Subject to the research and teaching purposes, the visitor of the website can use its content only if it is for personal purposes and in no case for commercial use. The publication, presentation, reproduction, distribution, transmission or any other use or exploitation of the content of the webinartists website, in whole or in part, is not permitted in any way without the written consent of the recipient. Any use of the content of the site by the user / visitor, should clearly indicate the source of its origin. Content users declare that they are the holders of any intellectual property rights in connection with this and / or that they are licensed to do so by the rights holders. Webinartists is not responsible for the infringement of any existing intellectual property rights in the content and / or applications submitted by users. Privacy The processing and protection of personal data of users of this website is subject to the rules set out in national, EU and international law for the processing of personal data. The personal information collected by the webinartists Website during your registration is: - Name - Pen name - Email address And optional: - Sex - Year of birth - Postal address - Telephone - ΑΦΜ, ΔΟΥ - Country of Residence The webinartists collect only the personal data necessary for the provision of its services to its users and use them exclusively for this purpose and for as long as necessary. The webinartists in no case requests or collects personal data that fall into special categories of personal data such as racial or ethnic origin, data related to religious beliefs or political views, etc. The visitor / user can search for more information regarding the processing and protection of personal data in the "Privacy Policy" of this website.

Cookies Policy While browsing this site, webbinartists may collect user credentials using appropriate technologies, such as cookies and / or Internet Protocol (IP) address tracking. Cookies are small pieces of text that are sent to the browser by a website that the user visits. The use of cookies facilitates the website to memorize information about the user's visit, such as your preferred language, memorizing your preferences, in terms of secure search, calculating the number of visitors or facilitating your use of the services of our website. How to control cookies: You can control and / or delete cookies according to your wishes. Details can be found here: You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer, as well as configure most browsers to prevent the installation of cookies. However, in this case, you may need to adjust some preferences yourself each time you visit a site. The user can use the website without problems and without the use of cookies but possibly to the detriment of its usability and the operation of certain services. Any personal data collected through cookies and can be associated with a specific visitor / user are processed exclusively for the purposes mentioned above. For any webinartists newsletter: We can inform about the new Courses of webinartists but also about other procedural issues that concern the operation of the webinartists only, via e-mail. We will contact you only after your consent. The interested party can unsubscribe from the list of recipients of the newsletter whenever he wishes and the data that have been registered for the above purpose are deleted. But also to register in it at any time he wishes by clicking the relevant link that will always be at the top of the page of his courses. Your enrollment in a webinartists course includes your consent to receive email updates on any procedural or other subject matter related to the course - but only that. Transmission / Disclosure of data to third parties The personal data collected may be disclosed or transmitted to third parties, if this is required for the fulfillment of obligations by law or is necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes and functions of the website, subject to the guarantees of the relevant legislation. We may entrust natural or legal persons with the performance of certain services and functions of the website. Only those personal data that are necessary for the fulfillment of the assigned services are transmitted to these persons and they are committed to webbinartists regarding the confidentiality and secure processing of personal data. Your rights regarding the processing of data concerning you According to the provisions of the General Regulation on Data Protection 679/2016 / EU, you have the right both during the collection phase and later to be informed about the processing of data concerning you, its purpose and notification / transmission to third parties and their identity (right of information and access). You also have the right to request the correction, updating or deletion of your personal data held by webbinartists. You also have the right to restrict processing and the right to object. Confidentiality and security The personal data we collect in the context of the operation of the website is absolutely necessary for the purposes of communicating with you and for the provision of webbinartists services to you. They are completely confidential and are kept only for the needs of this Function. This data is accessed by a few executives of the organization, who are committed to maintaining confidentiality. In addition, we have adequate security systems and take all necessary and appropriate organizational and technical measures in order to avoid any breach of personal data security (leakage, disclosure, access by unauthorized persons) from our systems. Modification of this privacy policy This Privacy Policy may change whenever required and in accordance with national and European law. For this reason, you are invited to visit this page at regular intervals for your own information. By navigating and using the webbinartists website, visitors / users acknowledge that they have read, understood and unreservedly accepted the Data Protection Policy.

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The contribution for the participation in each seminar is made through a bank card (credit or debit) or deposit in the bank account. · The cost of the seminars is a token amount and serves for us in the maintenance and smooth operation of the site and as a sample of recognition in the effort of contributors. Cancellation of orders and refunds are not accepted. · Our goal is to keep as low a cost as possible accessible to the general public, to preserve the art and its secrets, keeping a high sense of responsibility to the public, the artists, and all those who contributed to it non-profit.