Taximia and Improvisation on the 3-course bouzouki

The musician Fotis Vergopoulos shares the secretes of the playful taximia and improvisation on the 3-course bouzouki, based on the Greek folk scales, in a one-hour seminar.

(This workshop is addressed to intermediate and advanced players)


Taximia and improvisation

00:24- 21:45 Rast, Segiah, Houzam

21:46 - 31:35 Hijaz, Hijazkiar, Peiraiotikos

31:36 - 40:06 Natural minor, Harmonic minor, Niavent

40:07- 50:17 Karcigar, Giourdi/Ousak, Sabach

50:18 - 1:06:00 Rythmical taximi – Improvisation in each scale separately

In addition, Fotis Vergopoulos also discusses picking techniques within a taximi (improvisation), pauses, rhythmic taximi and many more!

Price: 30 euro

  • Seminar Duration


    The duration of the seminar is1:07:03 and consists of educational material that will help you in your personal development!

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    See some indicative minutes from the seminar to decide if you are really interested!

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